Tape Drives & Autoloaders

Tape Drives

1.5/3.0TB LTO-5 half height drive
2.5/6.25TB LTO-6 half height drive
6TB/15TB LTO-7 half height drive *NewProduct*

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Overland Tape Backup Libraries


The Neo S-Series provides reliable storage for 48TB to 720TB of compressed data, it is available with your choice of 1-4 x LTO-5 or LTO-6 or LTO-7 tape drives. This multiple drive architecture protects your investment by enabling you to upgrade for faster backup.

The Neo S-Series provides between 8 and 48 slots in either 1U, 2U or 4U rack space and also has many of the features normally found in large libraries, all at an autoloader price.


The Neo XL Series have up to 80 slots and can be configured with up to 6 Half Height tape drives and can configure into a seven module library. This gives you capacity ranging from 90TB to 8.5PB and up to 114TB/hour performance in an seven-module library that can operate as a single library. The Neo XL Series supports LTO-5 and LTO-6& LTO-7 Half Height tape drives

All operator controls are accessible through a touchscreen, graphical user interface. Web TLC©, a remote library management tool embedded in Neo, enables the use of a standard browser to view the library and all its functions. Drives, power supplies, controllers and interface cards are all easily removed by the user with no special tools required.

Neo 8000

The Neo 8000 is the most simple and affordable way to ensure zero downtime for your corporate data center. The NEO Series 8000 has more capacity per square foot than any other enterprise-class library on the market. And it’s the least expensive price-per-cartridge available today.

Start with the capacity you need and then automatically scale from 100 to 500 cartridges via an internal software key. It’s that easy! And with touch-screen controls and remote access from any browser, you can get your life back.

It’s no wonder Overland’s NEO technology has won more industry awards than any other library technology currently available.